🚀   We’ve just closed New Zealand’s largest seed funding round at $12 Million NZD!
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We’re on a mission to build a residential electricity model that is fit for the future world.
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The operating system of the home.

We have a vision of smarter, safer, more efficient homes, reduced household costs, and the ability to accelerate efforts to combat climate change by fundamentally changing the way energy services are delivered to people.

We’re redesigning the gateway infrastructure that will make homes connected, intelligent, and future-proof.

Powerful data analytics, real-time control mechanisms, and the ability to scale-up storage technologies will deliver households a utility experience like no other. We’re developing hardware with a unique system approach, that will become the connective tissue of the electricity industry.

Join us and create an enduring positive impact for the planet using technology.

At Osho, we are working tremendously hard at solving a very complex and systemic industry-wide problem so that we can create a positive impact for the planet, the people that inhabit it, and the future generations who will depend on it.
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